2019 Annual report

From Pastor Jason

Our vision is to reach as many people as possible with the good news of Jesus Christ and bring them into an ever-growing relationship with God. In keeping with the Great Commandment (Matt. 12:28-31) and the Great Commission (Matt. 28:18-20), we are about loving God and loving people. This report attempts to quantify and celebrate what God has done through Faith over the past year. 

As we review numbers, we realize every number is a person and every person is a life God cares deeply for so we want to honor God by celebrating the changed lives that each of these numbers represent. Through God’s grace, Holy Spirit, strength and your obedience to the Lord, we made a difference this year in the lives of those around us. We truly desire to honor and bring glory to God through all that we do. 


As we look forward in 2020, we pray that God will multiply our impact as a church family, changing more lives and bringing as many people as possible into an ever-growing relationship with Him! I am humbled at the privilege to serve with you to fulfill His call for our church.




Jason King, Senior Pastor

  • 73 Baptisms

  • 688 Salvations

  • Over 2200 attend easter

  • Over 2800 attend christmas Eve Service

  • 1800 average Weekly Attendance



"I was prayed for after church on Sunday. I was fearful about a follow-up  visit on Monday regarding my mammogram. I was hoping to let you know that I had a biopsy and the result was negative for cancer. To God be the glory!" 

find freedom

  • 91 Group Leaders

  • Over 400 Participants

  • More than 450 healing room visits

  • 30 weekly at Celebrate recovery

"I love our church and how God and our pastors are bringing us all together. I am blessed to have found Faith!" 

Discover Purpose

  • 553 Signed commitment cards

  • over 600 Started Growth track

"Sundays are like coming up for air...and being thankful that I am not alone!"


Make a Difference

  • Faith Supported partners led over 150000 to Christ

  • 61 missionaries supported

budget allocation


Every year for the past 30 years, Faith Bible Chapel International has been audited by an outside, independent accounting firm. The audit for 2019 will be conducted by "The Adams Group" Certified public accountants, an outside, independent auditor. Should you have any questions regarding Faith Bible Chapel’s finances, please contact Doug Newcomb here or call the church office at 303-424-2121.


Tithes, Missions, and Special Offerings