2018 Annual report

From Pastor Jason

Faith Bible Chapel exists to reach others with the hope of Jesus Christ and to make a difference in the city of Arvada and beyond. We do so through Sunday services, small groups and outreach events that aim to both welcome and disciple the body of believers.  These efforts are all about loving people, in response to the Great Commandment and the Great Commission, and this is our goal.


With our annual report, we are able to evaluate the work we are doing, to see if this goal is being met. This report provides us the opportunity to understand what’s working, what’s growing and what needs improvement. Many people believe that church isn’t about the numbers, but it is! Scripture shows us repeatedly that God cares about the numbers. We know that thousands were fed and baptized in the New Testament, because someone counted! Every number has a name and every name has a story and God cares deeply for all of them.


I hope you will join with me in praying for the year 2019, for those that are looking to find hope in Him and for Faith Bible Chapel. It’s our privilege as a church to serve God with all that we have been blessed with, lets continue to do so with renewed faith and love both for Jesus Christ and for others.


With much appreciation,


P. Jason


know god

  • 82 Baptisms

  • 887 Salvations

  • Over 2892 attend easter

  • over 4268 attend easter drama

  • Over 3784 attend christmas Eve Service

  • 1794 average Weekly Attendance

Jesus gave us hope.  My whole life I’ve struggled with depression.  Coming to Faith, I feel God’s presence and know that I’m loved.  Fear and worry don’t hold me back anymore, I’m FREE!

find freedom


My tiredness seemed inconsequential after this morning. My complaints about having to take so much time to prepare seemed petty.  It all reminded me why we are doing this, To be Jesus to a hurting world.  To pray for each other.  To care for each other.  To learn more about Jesus together and learn to be more like Him.


Discover Purpose

  • 447 Signed commitment cards

  • 736 serve on the impact team

  • almost 400 completed all steps

Yesterday was our big annual Christmas open house... we collected over two huge totes full of food for the Arvada Food Bank. Our small group and other amazing people from Faith reached out and loved on our neighbors, our coworkers, and our teammates well. Good job emulating Jesus' awesomeness to the world!


Make a Difference

  • 250 Participated in serve day

  • over 40 went on overseas missions

  • 65 missionaries supported

  • more than $600,000 given to missions support

  • over 600 orphans clothed, fed, and educated

  • 250 new bible schools started

When I recently moved from Texas to Colorado, I didn't know a single soul here. My family invited me to Faith and now I have genuine friends that are helping me grow in my relationship with God.

budget allocation


Every year for the past 30 years, Faith Bible Chapel International has been audited by an outside, independent accounting firm. The audit for 2018 will be conducted by "The Adams Group" Certified public accountants, an outside, independent auditor. Should you have any questions regarding Faith Bible Chapel’s finances, please contact Doug Newcomb here or call the church office at 303-424-2121.

Tithes, Missions, and Special Offerings


just for fun

  • Over 39000 Donuts served

  • changed 1637 diapers

  • served 174900 goldfish