Do I need to commit to both years now?

No.  We get it.  Life gets hectic.  All we ask is that you commit to the current 8-week quarter.  You can jump back in to another 8-week quarter when your schedule allows.

What is the cost?

Each 8-week quarter costs $100.  However, if you pay for the entire year up-front the cost is $350 for all four quarters.

Where does BibleU meet?

Sessions are held in the large conference room at Faith Bible Chapel's administrative offices, 12189 W. 64th Ave., Arvada.

Is there homework?

We want you to take away as much knowledge as possible. You can expect to spend no more than 1-2 hours a week outside of the classroom.  This may include reading, brief online assessments or short papers. 

Who should sign up for BibleU?

Anyone who attends Faith can sign up.  From newlyweds establishing a solid spiritual foundation to retirees who finally have time to go deeper, BibleU has a spot for you.

Does BibleU offer scholarships?

We want everyone to be able to attend BibleU.  If the cost presents a legitimate financial burden to you, let us know via e-mail.  We may be able to make accommodations. 

Are you accredited?

BibleU is not an accredited program.  While you won't earn college or continuing education credits, we are confident that you won't leave disappointed.

What happens when I complete BibleU?

We believe that you will have the tools and the knowledge to fully engage in God's plan for your life.  You will be better equipped to understand the truths of His word and to make an impact in your community