Celebrate Recovery

Hurts. Habits. Hang-ups.
We all have them.
The Good News is Jesus came to “set the captive free and heal the broken-hearted.” (Luke 4:18)


Celebrate Recovery is a place where we can come together and experience God’s healing power in our lives in areas including depression, anger, co-dependency, fear of rejection or abandonment, perfectionism, the need to control, broken relationships, abuse, and addiction or dependency on alcohol, drugs or pornography.

Using the recovery principles found in the Beatitudes with 12 Christ-centered steps and prayer, broken people are healed and lives are changed! There is freedom for you through loving power of Jesus Christ, and we will walk with you through it all. 

Celebrate Recovery 2.png

​Celebrate Recovery meets Fridays at 6:30PM at Faith Bible Chapel's Administrative Offices, 12189 W. 64th Ave., Arvada. Email us with any questions, and use the link below to learn more about the Celebrate Recovery program.