KIDS on the move

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KIDS are on the move at Faith!  We've been dreaming of new ways to share the good news of Jesus to the next generation and have been imagining a space just for KIDS.

A space with lights, screens, games and more.  A space close enough to their parents for convenience and safety.  A space where they can explore their faith. 

Imagine a space where kids are excited to come to every week and even more excited to bring their friends.  We have the opportunity to create this space for your kids and grandkids, but it will require new resources and funding.  Faith has always had an excellent children’s ministry and you can partner with others to ensure that future generations experience the same excellent care. 


We need your help to buy paint, speakers, lights, check-in stations, games, display screens and all of the other tools that make Sundays unforgettable.  We want to make a gym much more than a gym.  We want it be a place where people come back years later and say, “That's where I met Jesus!” 


What’s happening?

Currently, 1st through 5th grade kids enjoy their Sunday experience on the East Campus, while babies though kindergarteners – and our worship service – are on the West Campus. We want to bring everyone together by moving 1st-5th grade to the West Campus. To do that, we need to raise $100,000 to create the best environment possible for our kids to get to know God.


Everything we do is about reaching the lost, making disciples and allowing everyone to experience the presence of God. Beyond that, more than 250 families are impacted by having kids of different ages on two different campuses every Sunday. That’s a lot of bridge-walking! Most importantly, when people visit with babies, preschool- and elementary-aged kids, it’s tricky for them to navigate the campuses and feel comfortable with children being a bit more out-of-reach than they’re used to. Faith wants all families – current and new alike – to feel right at home when they come here, knowing there’s a special environment for every age group within a close distance of each other. Making this change will also position us for future growth so we can reach even more people with the love of Jesus!

What’s the money for?

Multipurpose environments give anyone the most bang for their buck! We’re supplementing our West Campus Gymnasium with mobile equipment to serve the needs of 1st-5th grade kids. These things make for a great KIDS experience:

  • Lighting // Overheard gym lighting is great for basketball games, but it’s not so great for an atmosphere of worship, learning and play. We’ll have both to serve both purposes!

  • Safety // Safety is of utmost importance in any children’s space. We’ll be sure to have locking fire doors and security measures in place to keep our kids protected.

  • Sound System & Speakers // One of the most important things kids do at church is learn to worship Jesus.

  • Video Capability // Screens and projectors help support a multimedia learning environment and make the Gospel come to life, especially for visual learners.

  • Check-In Kiosk Stations // Check-in is often the first place new families are greeted. We want to give kids and parents the feeling that coming to church is the best thing you can possibly do on a Sunday!

  • Storage Areas // To accommodate mobile equipment for a multipurpose space, we’re creating storage areas for inflatables, furniture, kiosks, speakers and more.

  • Finishing Touches // Faith should feel like home – and for kids, an amp’d up version of home! To the extent that you give, we can add finishing touches that make it incredible.

  • Adult Meeting Room // To accommodate classes that meet during our pre-service learning hour, including Growth Track, In Pursuit and more, we’re creating a space for 75-100 adults.

  • Note:  We’ll repurpose everything we can! Because there are incredible activities continuing on the East Campus (FSM, Vessels, Faith Christian Academy elementary, etc.), we’re unable to relocate everything that’s currently on the East Campus to the West Campus Gym.


When is this happening?

Much of the work will be done in summer 2020 so we’re ready to launch KIDS in their new space when the school year starts this fall. As you give, we go! We’re so excited!

How do I get involved?

  • Give this project a massive jump start by donating one of three ways:

  • 1. Write a check with “KIDS on the move” in the memo line and drop in the offering bag during any Sunday or First Wednesday service. Or mail your check to Faith’s administrative offices, 12189 W. 64th Ave., Arvada, CO 80004.

  • Text “move” to 720.636.8920. If it’s your first time giving by text, it takes just two minutes!

  • Have a business related to the above needs? Partner with us by donating equipment and supplies or money for specific equipment and supplies. Contact

  • Share the excitement! Begin to get to know families with young children so you can invite them here to experience Jesus’ love.