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Kids may not be absorbing the news cycle like adults are, but they are experiencing the news cycle through others around them. It’s tough to know what news is helpful and what news is true.


This month, kids will have a chance to journey with a few prophets – Micah, Amos, Zephaniah, Ezekiel, and Isaiah – to discover news they can count on and  help them develop a strong identity in an ever-changing world.


Kids will learn that when things go wrong, they can choose what’s right; when they worship God, they can be sincere; when times are tough, they can count on  God; when they are lost, God will guide them, and that they can be faithful just like God is faithful.

This 5-week series called BREAKING NEWS will take us through the month of November.  Find the week-by-week resources below. Have fun as you follow Him, and follow Faith KIDS on social media, too!


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