Faith has always been about the lives of real people. Some hurting, some broken, all imperfect. It's where you'll encounter the love of Christ, uncover the power of God’s Word, experience the transformative nature of worship and learn to rely on the power of the Holy Spirit.





During this unique season, Pastor Jason offers "Daily Hope." Come along on the journey and be infused with life, joy and...hope! 


i came to faith

Jesus gave us hope. 

My whole life I've struggled with depression. Coming here, however, I feel so much joy just walking in the doors. Fear and worry don't hold me back anymore. I'm free!

We're becoming the best versions of ourselves now that Jesus is our shining example.

If we had to imagine our lives without Faith it would be like trying to enjoy food without any seasoning. Every single Sunday is like a big family reunion...but better. 

My vision was tinged grey before I found Jesus. But now? I feel like I'm looking at the world through Jesus-tinted glasses!

Joseph & Valerie


Our groups have started and many of them are already full, but you can still check them out! If you want to join a particular group, simply contact the group leader directly from their group’s listing.